‘The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.’

—Robert M. Pirsig


People are attracted to Meditation or mindfulness for many reasons, a spiritual practice, a brain trainer, a mind sharpener, a way to unlock a problem, a place to find calm and stillness, a self soothing tool, a way to cope with the stresses of modern day life and sometimes just for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

I can guide you and introduce you to the different ways to find that stillness inside.

Everyone initially always worries they cannot turn off the chattering, the voice that’s asking about dinner choices when the whole room seems to be contemplating Om! Sound familiar? This is absolutely normal and there are different ways to meditate, one of which will resonate more with you at a certain time than others. We can look at meditation, Mudra’s, which are ancient hand postures which send a signal to the brain through the meridian and nadi’s system and Mantra, again where the nerves in the roof of the mouth are stimulated in a certain way to send a signal to the brain and these neuropaths get stronger the more they are repeated. There are also walking in nature mediatitions, walking meditation and even dancing. And lets not forget the Yogi’s favourite, the use of breath, pranayama where different breathing techniques and patterns are used to optimise a chemical reaction in the brain.