Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

"My friend recommended I see Carolyn for Reiki after a late miscarriage following years of infertility. At the time, I was physically and emotionally spent and suffering from anxiety and insomnia. I knew very little about reiki, but can now say it's a transformative process if you are willing to go with it.

"After sessions with Carolyn, I am feeling calmer, sleeping better and more than anything, focused on what I need to do next with my life.

"Carolyn is a throughly kind, warm-hearted person who goes above and beyond to help. Healing is her passion and I can't recommend her highly enough."


We are lucky enough to live in an age where knowledge is available to everyone, the secrets of the spiritual realm are no longer passed down from master to master, now hundreds of initiates share information with all. Even, in this age of open communication and open knowledge some things are still hard to explain and understand intellectually. Reiki is one of those things and I encourage everyone to experience it. Reiki is two Japanese words, the first Rei, means higher wisdom and the second ki means life force energy, so its spiritually guided life force energy.

I personally have witnessed and experienced healings, physical and emotional, that defy logic, broken bones healed in a quarter of the time, trapped nerves, torn ligaments, pulled muscles and headaches. I have also witnessed and experienced the healing power of reiki for broken hearts, grief and depression. Reiki is a spiritual healing and as such can sit alongside other therapies and medicines comfortably.

In practice, Reiki, is the transference of healing energy, from one person to a living being through the hands. There is no need for direct physical contact, which makes this therapy non invasive to the person receiving it, which in turn makes it suitable for anyone. The therapy itself can be done anywhere and anytime, but is most often carried out with the person receiving the therapy lying or sitting in a comfortable position a quiet and scared space. The practitioner will place hands over the person on the energy body the aura and if needed on the person. The person receiving the Reiki can feel heat or cold (if dealing with burns or some skin conditions), it is intensely relaxing, often receivers going into a deep sleep state.

It is also possible to conduct distant healing as part of the continued treatment.