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When I first found Kundalini yoga I persuaded my wonderful teacher to come into my office and teach yoga to the whole team It was a great success as everyone was already there, so no going home and finding an excuse not go to class. As the weeks went on it was the hour everyone looked forward to the most. When I completed my teacher training I took over the class and invited other people in the company and clients to attend.

It was so rewarding seeing how the yoga made such a huge difference each week to everyone’s general health, stress levels, creativity and mental capacity, which of course affected productivity too.

I have continued teaching in boardrooms, offices and meeting rooms across London for companies, including FTSE100 companies, as I believe this is where yoga and meditation are needed. We live in a noisy, fast paced world and this gives everyone the opportunity, regardless of fitness levels, the chance to experience a slow down so we can speed up again, the chance to be mindful and time to improve our health and mental wellbeing. The opportunity to take a breath and a pause from our crazy, swirling and chaotic lives.

Please contact me if you are interested in Yoga at Work, I am available to teach before work, during lunch hours or after work. I teach a combination of Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness.

I can also offer one to one Yoga or Healings at work on an appointment basis.


Landsec commissioned Carolyn in 2016 to run yoga sessions for employees as part of our health and wellbeing strategy and at the request of employees.  Carolyn understood our brief perfectly and introduced yoga to a group of rather “stuffy” traditional corporate people who did not want to chant and get into awkward bendy positions!  Well a year on yoga has become “a little window of peace for people, in an otherwise hectic week”.  As we love and trust Carolyn we have even let her introduce some chanting.  Carolyn has the ability to read the mood of the room and adjust her classes in the moment.  Sometimes we really work on strengthening our core and muscles and at other times, when we are pooped, we take more time out for meditation and mindfulness which we are all truly grateful for.
Feedback from attendees includes:

'The best way to unwind ever… Exercise with a twist… Muscles on fire (but in a good way!).  If you’ve never done yoga before I would strongly recommend it as a brain cleanser.  Carolyn is a great teacher, engaging and friendly.  I could go on but you get the gist!'

'I have really enjoyed the Yoga sessions. I was a bit apprehensive to start with as I have done limited yoga and there was a concern if I would enjoy it in a ‘work environment’.  Carolyn has been brilliant and she adapts poses if you find them difficult particularly if you have injuries or just can’t do them!  The atmosphere is very good and the music and calm manner of the teacher definitely helps.  I have also learnt some other techniques which I have used outside of yoga to relax and calm.  Carolyn has given some great encouragement and advice. I thoroughly look forward to the sessions and it has become part of my weekly routine which has been really beneficial.'

'I love Tuesday’s as I know I always sleep well!'

—Sally Cullen - Talent Resourcing Lead & Retail HRBP, Landsec