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Greetings, Yogi’s and Yogini’s, from the Sud West de France. The Aude, the land of Magdalene mysteries, Cathars, Templars and most important of all the land of cheese.

Yes finally all my dreams have come true and I have come to the place where they eat cheese with every meal, even breakfast. Its an enlightened land and everyone is very ‘Yoga’, very ‘Zen’ here, very at one with themselves which is due to the afore mentioned cheese with every meal. Why doesn’t everyone do it, I have no idea.

Have been teaching all the local dogs here about urban yoga and how we find that space within ourselves wherever we are and how this can be bought to the Aude and all the natural Zenness of being in nature can come back into being when we return back to the Urban Yoga scene in London or Londres as I will now refer to it, half. Very strange here, no Starbucks, no pavements, hardly any people, barely any lights I mean its really dark, darker than when you are hiding behind the suitcases under the bed, dark. However, everyone you meet seems very charming, weird outfits but they all say bonjour to me, which is rather lovely.

So musings number 2, this time more yogic terminology, SatNav. Now this is something specific to Kundalini Yoga as taught by the most incredible person, Yogi Bhajan. For those of you not knowing about this great man, he is the person responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West and serving us all by teaching us the science of Kundalini which is one of the oldest Yoga’s and is described as being like a diamond, multi-faceted and a light bringer. It involves breath work (musings on this one later), Asana’s (yoga poses), moving Asana’s (prancing around with funny breath noises, or moving yogic poses to the Y’s), Mudra’s (hand positions), Mantra’s (singing to you and me, chanting to the Y’s) and Meditations.

For the non-Kundalini mob, you will recognise this term from being in a car. In Kundalini Yoga, it’s chanted three times at the end of a class to signify, just as in a car that you have reached your destination. But it gets a bit more complicated similarly to Nomashday in it has a more complex meaning, as Sat means truth in this context and Nav means name apparently, so truth is my name when I reach my destination? Or as I see it, truth will be my name when I reach my destination as I journey through the subtle body with the wonder of Kundalini Yoga. Genius. Well you will be when you accept truth as your name. I have witnessed this transformation as an observer of many, many classes and believe me its little short of miraculous.  You can see people going to guru, which means from darkness to light. I am super sensitive to energy, as most of us canine carers are and we can really appreciate how this works.

So another mystery solved for you. Chief Inspector Marlowe Yogini on the case.

Sat Nav

M. M


Ps. Just been told its Sat Nam, OOPS. Well same goes heh. I think I may be right and everyone mis-heard Yogi Bhajan.





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